Text Message Scam Alert

Text Message ScamText message fraud alert - be aware that there have been scams to get your information sent via text.

Scams via text messages are nothing new, however we’ve been notified that scam attempts have been getting more aggressive over the last few weeks. Specifically, the scammers seem to be targeting Credit Unions. The texts they’re sending out request personal account information by telling consumers they need to call certain numbers to reactivate their debit or credit cards, or that their bank account balance is below a certain amount, or that their loan payment is due.

Our team here at GROhio  Credit Union has been told these scams are going out across multiple states and there is no way to tell for certain if our membership will be affected by the scam. We wanted to give you a heads up anyway, just in case these scam attempts come our way!

Here is an example of one of the fraudulent texts’:
“GROHio CCU Account Alert, you loan is now due” or “GROhio CCU balance low alert”  So, what can you do? First, you should avoid calling a potentially fraudulent number. It might seem right to call and let the scammers know you’re on to them, but any ongoing investigation could be compromised if the fraudsters become too suspicious. Instead, call us immediately and provide us with as many details as possible. Anything you can provide will help us to give a thorough report to the investigating agencies. Remember: The scammers are utilizing a lot of different numbers with different area codes. Scam attempts could come from multiple sources. Also, you should share this information with friends and family since this is not isolated to GROhio Credit Union or even to the our area. You may save someone quite the headache.

If you have any questions about this scam alert or if you notice anything suspicious on your account, please don’t hesitate to call us! You can reach us at 419-525-3800 and we’ll be standing by to help you out.

For security reasons, we are encouraging our debit card users to process their transactions with a pin as opposed to a signature. This is a more secure transaction for you, and there is less risk of fraud.

Call our office to find out more!
(419) 525-3800